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October 26, 2012

Trust Us (more)

"In each of the painters we have chosen for this show I see a density of perception and density of painterly reality. One of the limitations of painting that other forms of art do not have is that everything happens all at once. when a painting is finished it can only be viewed as a whole picture that stops at the edges. Time is compressed to the single moment. In each of these painters i see a struggle against that compression through movement, layering and juxtaposition of desperate elements. each painter doesn't see the realization of the figure as the end of the painting but the beginning, the reality of the figure is the place to start shifting through other layers of unperceived reality.Each painter while committed to revealing the human figure through paint move me to see these paintings on purely abstract levels almost as if the figure is a foil for them to paint against, to achieve a painting familiar yet unimagined. " 

- Joseph Lozano

One night only: Friday November 2nd 2012, 5-10pm 3rd and arch streets Philadelphia Pa

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alex kursman said...

This is awesome. Zach just told me about it today -- gonna try to make the opening tomorrow -- congrats!